Recognised Educational Provider

Below is the list of training courses in musculoskeletal techniques with animals which have been assessed as meeting the RAMP standards for Recognised Educational Providers (REP) as laid out in the Foundation Document.

This means they are establishments whose courses have been assessed as providing a good standard of training, much of which can be used in graduates' applications to the RAMP Register, though some additional educational attainments may be required.

Another page shows Accredited Educational Providers (AEP): details here.

NOTE: Some education providers have several courses at different standards.

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Insitution Course Profession
Options for Animals Professional Certificate Animal Chiropractic (PCAC) Chiropractic
Writtle University College MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy (3 years) Physiotherapy
Writtle University College Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy (2 years) Physiotherapy
International Academy Of Veterinary Chiropractic Essentials of Veterinary Chiropractic Course Chiropractic
University of Nottingham PG Dip Veterinary Physiotherapy (2yrs part time) Physiotherapy
University of Nottingham MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy (3yrs part time) Physiotherapy

REP Course

Options for Animals

Provider: Options for Animals ‐ UK

Date Assessed: 13/7/17


Course Descriptions:
Options for Animals UK was established in 2017 to cater for the growing demand for an independently assessed higher‐level animal chiropractic course for veterinarians and chiropractors.

The course boasts daily practical sessions on small and large animals as well as the convenience of everything taking place on one site.

OFAUK has three exit points to suit a range of educational needs.

1. Professional Certificate Animal Chiropractic (PCAC)
Five module essentials programme plus case assignments
Equivalent learning to 60 M-level credits
Licentiate level Royal College of Chiropractors

* (AEP courses - see details here)

REP Course

MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy (3 years)
Postgraduate Diploma in Veterinary Physiotherapy (2 years)

Provider: Writtle University College

Date Assessed: 31/8/18


Course Description:
The MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy programme has been designed to develop the skills of the student to support veterinary surgeons in the rehabilitation of a variety of species; it focuses in particular on equine and canine patients. It will also focus on supporting equine and canine athletes both during competition and for recovery.

This programme runs on a part-time basis over two years (PG Diploma) or three years (MSc), with the majority of formal content delivered at weekends. The first year includes academic modules to reinforce and expand background knowledge. In the second clinical year, students will work alongside qualified clinicians; the requirement for self-directed practice can be significant. The final year of the MSc programme requires the student to undertake a substantial piece of individual research in the form of a dissertation.

Course Outline:
Students study biomechanics, functional anatomy, pathophysiology of injury and disease, physiotherapeutic techniques, rehabilitation and remedial exercise, academic and professional skills and clinical practice within the first two years. There is also a requirement for students to undertake a number of placement days with a qualified practitioner.

REP Course

Essentials of Veterinary Chiropractic Course

Provider: International Academy Of Veterinary Chiropractic

Date Assessed: 1/6/2019


Course Description:
Our veterinary chiropractic course is the education program taken by the many professionals, practicing animal chiropractic throughout the UK and Europe.

The IAVC began in 2003 and has been running their courses at the host site Anglo European College of Chiropractic (AECC) University College since 2007. We also run multiple other relevant animal courses, offering students educational opportunities and chiropractic qualifications, which may be applied to CPD requirements.

The balanced mix of experienced international instructors include chiropractors, equine and small animal veterinarians, all maintaining busy animal practices.

Course Outline:
The syllabus includes current chiropractic and veterinary science, focusing on anatomy, neurology, biomechanics, and clinical diagnostics, management and techniques. Excellent pro-dissection compliments extensive hands on practical sessions with both horses and dogs.

Graduates will have the knowledge and clinical skills to be able to apply chiropractic care safely and effectively to a range of animal patients, from integrative rehabilitation, performance and companion animal care.

REP Course

PG Dip Veterinary Physiotherapy (2yrs part time)
MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy (3yrs part time)

Provider: University of Nottingham

Date Assessed: 24/4/2020


Course Description:

Course Outline:

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